The Bare Metal Advantage: Optimized Compute Infrastructure Exactly How You Need It

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Off the shelf, products come with their strengths and weaknesses. Usually, you mostly get what you need and want, with a few exceptions. With computers and computing equipment, many buyers prefer to build their own. In doing so, they get exactly what they need, when they need it, and are already planning for the next upgrade. Furthermore, IT experts who prefer to build their own will know exactly how much memory CPU each application will take. When in complete control of what you put on your compute gear, efficiency is increased because you’re only loading what you need – as you need it.  

With many options to choose from, and the ability to leverage cloud-based software and applications that do not take away from the power of your gear, bare-metal computers provide the framework for any IT expert to build what they need with the most amount of control.

PC Magazine has two ways to approach bare metal computing; the first is a ‘bare-metal computer,’ generally without any software – including operating systems (OS) or applications. In this scenario, one may consider a non-virtual server with an OS as a type of bare-metal computer. The second option is simply a ‘bare metal’ virtual machine monitor, aptly called a hypervisor. While back in the early days of computing, we called these ‘terminals,’ computers powered by a central mainframe and served primarily as a monitor and keyboard control. In this scenario, the hypervisor controls the hardware without using any device drivers or other OS.

Customers who seek the most control, with the most options, and are savvy enough to build what they need can save money and achieve a lot more with a bare metal compute option. While many colocation or data center providers welcome any customer, getting access to a team of professionals who can advise and guide you through the bare metal process is sometimes challenging. Furthermore, for IT managers who may not be ‘the expert’ in bare metal configurations, identifying a partner who can guide and support the process is becoming more critical for you.

As the industry continues to morph, adding digital innovations such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and more – on top of the existing cloud computing boom – many IT managers can easily feel overwhelmed and frustrated that the off-the-shelf options don’t meet their needs.  

MOD Mission Critical’s team of professionals has over 20 years of experience on average. Combining their knowledge of IT infrastructure, software, cloud-based solutions, and networking, building a bare-metal solution is one of their specialties. Optimizing how you use your colocation and data center space is another. 

When it comes to your business, you know best. However, when complexities in your compute infrastructure become too confusing, overwhelming, or simply aren’t working, then bare metal could be an option. Contact a MOD Mission Critical bare metal specialist to learn more.

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