Improve Operations with a Multi-Cloud Strategy

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Cloud adoption is growing at an incredible rate, but as we saw in 2021, business operations can be temporarily derailed if a cloud service provider goes down. Businesses are looking to mitigate this risk and improve costs, and many are turning to a hybrid or multi-cloud strategy. By using multiple cloud services, companies can lower their risk and get the best prices for their services, allowing organizations to manage their workload better while saving time and money. 82% of large businesses already have a hybrid cloud strategy; now is the time to prepare yours.

Improving Operations with Hybrid Cloud Services

Traditionally, companies send cloud data over the public internet, which is not as secure as a private network. Because it’s more susceptible to attacks and can be intercepted by third-party hackers, enterprises take a hybrid cloud approach to data storage. As a result, businesses minimize risk, keep data more secure, and reduce transfer costs. 

A hybrid cloud also provides the benefits of allowing organizations to utilize multiple cloud providers on one network. Organizations that do not adopt a hybrid cloud solution may experience decreased performance, limited availability of services, increased latency, and higher costs. 

Benefits of Multi-Cloud Solutions

A multi-cloud strategy lets organizations use multiple providers for increased performance and availability of services. This helps enterprises avoid data breaches and take advantage of new features. Costs are also reduced because companies have more reliable options and won’t be limited to a single cloud provider. Multi-cloud solutions are beneficial to reducing overall costs.

Multi-cloud services improve operations as they can manage different parts of the business in other clouds, creating flexibility and agility when making changes and adapting to new circumstances. With multi-cloud services, organizations are more secure as sensitive data can be separated and placed into clouds with the most robust security measures. This grants more significant control over workloads as they can be spread out among different clouds depending on the needs of the specific task.

The Future of Digitized Data

The hybrid cloud is essential because it allows businesses to leverage the best of public and private clouds, helping companies save money on cloud costs while still getting the performance and security they need. 70% of complex, large-scale transformations fail because of poor cloud planning. International Managed Services Providers (MSPs) like MOD Mission Critical make cloud planning easy, with a hybrid-cloud solution to fit your needs and specialized colocation and IP service solutions. MOD shares these services with strategically located data center facilities in underserved markets throughout the U.S. and Canada through mutually beneficial partnerships, allowing access to your data anytime. This customer-centric approach and core belief in transparency are the foundation of long-lasting relationships with clients, partners, and vendors alike. 

With MOD’s Colo by the ‘U’ services providing enterprises and small to medium-sized businesses flexible, scalable, and cost-effective options, companies can bypass the added cost of using a transit provider to improve their data control and security. In the world of data, one size does not fit all. The best way to ensure that your organization is ready for tomorrow’s challenges is by employing a multi-cloud strategy today. If you have ever looked for a way to save money and improve operations, it’s time to explore the benefits of using hybrid and multi-cloud services. With these solutions in place, your company can take advantage of new technologies that may not be available on one platform alone.

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