Pacific Northwest Mission Critical Infrastructure Fortified with MOD Mission Critical

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Multi-facility, highly diverse, and distributed fractional colocation capabilities provide always-on solutions for companies of nearly any size and need

DENVER – March 20, 2023 – MOD Mission Critical (MOD), a global infrastructure platform as a service company, announces its fortification of mission-critical digital infrastructure throughout the Pacific Northwest through its highly diverse and flexible service offering available from 14 providers throughout the region. Available as fractional colocation capabilities, including bare metal services and dedicated, private DIA, companies throughout the Pacific Northwest can now diversify providers, locations, cloud services, internet providers, connectivity solutions, and much more, seamlessly managed through the company’s proprietary PaaSPort ™ platform. 

Diversity and redundancy in mission-critical infrastructure can be a challenge to manage. It requires a multi-vendor, multi-service deployment capability that when implemented, can cause ongoing management challenges without the proper tools. MOD solves these problems by offering customers access to its PaaSPort™ platform, an easy-to-use web-based platform where clients can order multi-cloud, hybrid-cloud, and private-cloud connectivity solutions – nearly anywhere in the world – along with the ability to order an array of services specifically designed to enable multi-facility, multi-cloud (hybrid) and multi-network solution deployments worldwide. 

For example, today, MOD provides fractional and distributed colocation services to the Pittock Block in Portland, Oregon (operated by fifteenfortyseven Critical Systems Realty (1547)); Seattle, Washington/Spokane (operated by TierPoint); and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (operated by Cologix). These facilities exemplify MOD’s capabilities which offer minimum fractional colocation and bare metal capabilities, with DIA services, enabling interconnection between members within all other facilities throughout the Pacific Northwest with additional access to MOD’s proprietary platform, PaaSPort™, which enables multi-cloud, hybrid-cloud and private-cloud connectivity solutions.

“Partnering with MOD Mission Critical to bring sophisticated multi-facility and multi-connectivity solutions to even more customers is a boon to digital infrastructure managers everywhere,” comments John Bonczek, CRO from fifteenfortyseven Critical Systems Realty (1547). “We acquired the Pittock Block in 2021 and it has quickly become our regional anchor facility. As one of the most densely connected carrier hotels in the country, partnering with MOD provides diverse options to our clients in the US and globally, as well – especially, as a key hub for trans-Pacific international access to the Pacific island nations, APAC countries, Australia, Hong Kong, and Japan.”

“International connectivity capabilities are a stone’s throw away from the US with our Vancouver facilities, which serve as an anchor point further strengthening connectivity and route options for the Pacific Northwest,” comments Cologix’s Chief Revenue Officer Chris Heinrich. “Our partnership with MOD Mission Critical provides our customers with even more flexible and dynamic options to expand their digital footprints at the edge.” 

As a neutral mission-critical and digital infrastructure provider, MOD Mission Critical’s capabilities span hundreds of multi-tenant facilities globally. With its robust footprint in the Pacific Northwest, MOD can support nearly any customer’s requirements to ensure an always-on, always diverse, and always-available service. 

MOD’s capabilities are fortified through its proprietary platform, PaaSPort™. The platform combines MOD’s global capabilities to provide customers with an easy-to-use interface to order multi-cloud, hybrid-cloud, and private-cloud connectivity solutions – nearly anywhere in the world – along with the ability to order an array of services specifically designed to enable multi-facility, multi-cloud (hybrid) and multi-network solution deployments worldwide. As a result, PaaSPort users gain access to an easy-to-use interface that allows the design, ordering, provisioning, and management of IT solutions globally. The platform’s easy-to-use interface, enables enterprises to shop and buy nearly any type of digital infrastructure solution with ease and guaranteed SLAs to deliver the performance and reliability companies require. Transparency, control, and dynamic ability to meet the changing digital landscape needs of businesses are at the core of MOD’s PaaSPort™ solution – empowering businesses of all sizes throughout the world to transform and adopt improved digital communications solutions. 

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About MOD Mission Critical

MOD Mission Critical (MOD) is an international platform as a service company delivering a full suite of flexible, as-you-need-it solutions offered through the  MOD PaaSPort™ suite of services:  Bare Metal Servers, Global Network; Managed Colocation, and Managed Services. Designed for transparency, flexibility, and ease of service with industry-leading SLAs, PaaSPort™ is a platform that aggregates global capabilities into a single user interface for design, quote, order, and management. Enterprises and small to medium-sized businesses with growing and varied requirements can order a single rack unit to complete global digital infrastructure deployments from 100’s locations across six continents.  

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