MOD Mission Critical Becomes Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute Connectivity Partner

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MOD’s Global PaaSPort™ Platform Empowers Enterprise Network Managers to Managed Multi-Cloud, Hybrid-Cloud, and Private-Cloud Connectivity Dynamically 

DENVER – September 7, 2022 – MOD Mission Critical (MOD), a global infrastructure platform as a service company, announces that it has achieved Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute partner status. It enables the most direct, private, and secure reach to Microsoft’s full suite of office solutions via its proprietary MOD PaaSPort™ platform. MOD PaaSPort™ platform provides customers an easy-to-use interface to order multi-cloud, hybrid-cloud, and private-cloud connectivity solutions. Along with a full suite of services specifically designed to enable multi-facility, multi-cloud (hybrid), and multi-network solution deployments worldwide.

As a Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute Connectivity Partner, MOD Mission Critical enhances its ability to provide global businesses with dedicated connectivity from nearly anywhere in the world. MOD’s customers can select direct connectivity to Microsoft via the company’s MOD PaaSPort™ platform, enabling enterprises to customize and scale their access to cloud-based applications and services via public or private connections with the best performance and security guarantees. Furthermore, MOD’s full suite of solutions, including managed colocation, bare metal services, public/private network connectivity, and managed services, enable companies to effectively design the most secure multi-cloud, multi-network digital infrastructure solutions, with elastic on-demand capabilities customized to each business requirement. 

Now customers of MOD PaaSPort™ Platform can establish dedicated network connections between a company’s office, data center, colocation, or other locations with speeds from 50 Mbps up to 100 Gbps. With global access via MOD PaaSPort™, MOD’s collaboration with Microsoft enables large-scale network workloads that are both secure and flexible. To ensure a consistent network experience. Connectivity via MOD PaaSPort™ provides a variety of cost savings for customers, and all services include an SLA guarantee. 

“Our MOD PaaSPort™ platform simplifies how companies buy managed, hybrid and multi-cloud solutions worldwide. We continue to add capabilities to provide the most secure, direct, and private connections. Our Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute Connectivity Partnership enhances our full suite of capabilities, able to support nearly any company anywhere,” comments Mike Hollander, CEO of MOD Mission Critical. “MOD is focused on providing the most flexible and dynamic public and private access solution. We offer access to multiple networks, cloud providers, and content providers, enabling a variety of workloads to operate across various clouds, regions, and edge locations globally.” 

MOD PaaSPort™ combines the company’s global partnerships within an easy-to-use platform to enable solutions’ design, ordering, provisioning, and management. The platform’s easy-to-use interface allows enterprises to shop and buy nearly any digital infrastructure solution with ease and guaranteed SLAs to deliver the performance and reliability companies require. Transparency, control, and dynamic ability to meet businesses’ changing digital landscape needs are at the core of MOD PaaSPort™ solution – empowering businesses of all sizes worldwide to transform and adopt improved digital communications solutions. 

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About MOD Mission Critical

MOD Mission Critical (MOD) is an international platform as a service company delivering a full suite of flexible, as-you-need-it solutions offered through the  MOD PaaSPort™ suite of services:  Bare Metal Servers, Global Network, Managed Colocation, and Managed Services. Designed for transparency, flexibility, and ease of service with industry-leading SLAs, MOD PaaSPort™ is a platform that aggregates global capabilities into a single user interface for design, quote, order and management. Enterprises and small to medium-sized businesses with growing and varied requirements can order a single rack-unit to complete global digital infrastructure deployments from 100’s locations across six continents.  

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