MOD Mission Critical Enables Flexible Digital Infrastructure Deployments with MOD PaaSPort™

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As more companies adopt a digital-first approach to the way they do business internally and externally, service providers must adapt to support these changing needs – particularly with security, control, and performance top of mind. When Amazon Web Services introduced its cloud product in 2006, the pay for what you use model was revolutionary. Since then, many technology service providers – from applications to network services, colocation, and more – have implemented a flexible approach to digital infrastructure deployment. You just have to know where to look.

Today’s enterprises are growing more accustomed to flexible pay as you develop solutions. Shifting its business model to meet these expectations, MOD Mission Critical is a digital infrastructure service provider ready to empower the next generation of procurement.  Introduced in July 2021, MOD’s PaaSPort™ suite of services is designed for flexible, pay-as-you-grow multi-facility, multi-cloud (hybrid), and multi-network solution deployments nearly anywhere in the world. With a dynamic, easy-to-use web interface, MOD PaaSPort™ empowers IT buyers to search, order, provision, and monitor a portfolio of solutions across multiple service providers worldwide.

MOD’s PaaSPort™ suite of solutions provides a holistic approach to digital infrastructure deployments, offered in four flavors: 

  • PaaS Bare Metal: highly secure, fully connected, open-architecture hardware and colocation for enhanced control of cloud-based solutions, a dynamic programmable physical infrastructure on-demand. 
  • PaaS Network: an on-demand global network interconnection capable of leveraging multiple network options for end-to-end deployments. 
  • PaaS Managed Colocation: available across six continents leveraging over 80 global data center facilities, and a scalable managed colocation is available. 
  • PaaS Managed Services: a professional privately managed infrastructure solution that is comprehensive, customizable, centralized, optimized, and SLA-guaranteed. 

With MOD’s PaaSPort™ solution, global partnerships are leveraged through a powerful platform providing customers access to an ecosystem of solutions to meet nearly any IT digital infrastructure requirement. With transparency, control, performance, and the dynamic ability to add, move or change your services – MOD PaaSPort™ empowers businesses to get the services they need, when and where they need them, with the flexibility to add capabilities as required.

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