MOD Mission Critical Expands Global EcoSystem with PaaSPort™

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DENVER – July 27, 2021 – MOD Mission Critical (MOD), a global infrastructure platform as a service company, today announces the first-of-its-kind PaaSPort™ suite of services designed specifically to enable multi-facility, multi-cloud (hybrid) and multi-network solution deployments nearly anywhere in the world. Specifically designed to ease the ordering and management of global digital infrastructure solutions, MOD’s PaaSPort™ offers: bare metal servers, global network deployments, managed colocation and managed services across its vast and growing global ecosystem. Clients can select the services they need, on-demand, to design any part of or complete capabilities to enable core, edge, hybrid, and dedicated cloud connectivity dynamically and cost-effectively throughout the world.

As cloud services provide flexibility, so too does MOD’s PaaSPort™ suite of solutions. Through global partnerships with leading network and data center operators, MOD’s capabilities span over 1660 network and cloud providers, in more than 100 facilities, across over 80 data center facilities on six continents – and growing. By carefully cultivating a global ecosystem capable of supporting both large and small company deployments, MOD’s PaaSPort™ offers companies the reach, flexibility, and services they need, as they need them in a globally distributed manner.

A play on the company’s core capabilities, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), typically used for applications or cloud computing services, MOD’s PaaSPort™ provides a holistic approach to digital infrastructure management in flexible increments that encompass:

  • PaaS Bare Metal – dynamically programmable physical infrastructure on-demand: highly secure, fully connected, open-architecture hardware and colocation for enhanced control of cloud-based solutions. Deployments from core to edge available globally.
  • PaaS Network – on-demand, global network interconnection capabilities leveraging multiple network options for end-to-end deployments. From public internet to private networking solutions, direct connectivity to cloud, content, or other private networking solutions and more. All network solutions are designed, procured, delivered, and managed dynamically as needed.
  • PaaS Managed Colocation – scalable managed colocation available across six continents leveraging over 80 global data center facilities. MOD’s commitment to customers enables the ability to identify the right location, connectivity requirements and competitive rates throughout the world.
  • PaaS Managed Services – comprehensive, customized on-demand network and colocation solutions, centralized, optimized and SLA-guaranteed. Professional privately managed infrastructure solutions in the most scalable and reliable way to ensure your digital infrastructure is optimized for efficiency across all of MOD’s PaaSPort™ solutions – or nearly any other third-party provider service.

Leveraging over 25 years of global network and data center experience, MOD Mission Critical’s PaaSPort™ solution combines the company’s global partnerships within an easy to use platform to enable the design, ordering, provisioning and management of solutions. The platform’s easy to use interface, enables enterprises to shop and buy nearly any type of digital infrastructure solution with ease and guaranteed SLAs to deliver the performance and reliability companies require. Transparency, control, and dynamic ability to meet the changing digital landscape needs of businesses is at the core of MOD’s PaaSPort™ solution – empowering businesses of all sizes throughout the world to transform and adopt improved digital communications solutions.

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About MOD Mission Critical

MOD Mission Critical (MOD) is an international platform as a service company delivering a full-suite of flexible, as-you-need-it solutions offered through the MOD PaaSPort™ suite of services: Bare Metal Servers, Global Network; Managed Colocation and Managed Services. Designed for transparency, flexibility and ease of service with industry-leading SLA’s, PaaSPort™ is a platform that aggregates global capabilities into a single user-interface for design, quote, order and management. Enterprises and small to medium-sized businesses with growing and varied requirements can order a single rack-unit to complete global digital infrastructure deployments from 100’s locations across six continents.

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