MOD Mission Critical Partners with Cologix to Support ‘Any Enterprise’

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MOD’s PaaSPort™ suite of services combined with ‘Colo by the U’ offer ‘Any Enterprise’ fully managed, secure and private digital infrastructure solutions

DENVER – November 8, 2021 – MOD Mission Critical (MOD), a global infrastructure platform as a service company and operator of the first-of-its-kind MOD PaaSPort™ suite of services, announces its expanded partnership with Cologix, North America’s leading network-neutral interconnection and hyperscale edge data center company. Now available in Dallas, Texas; Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Toronto, Ontario, Canada, MOD PaaSPort™ suite of services are available within Cologix Access Marketplace to enable customers of all sizes – or ‘Any Enterprise’ – the ability to leverage MOD’s solutions including bare metal servers, global network services, managed colocation, and managed services through MOD’s easy-to-use web interface and programmable portal. Furthermore, MOD’s ‘Colo by the U’ solution offers MOD’s customers the flexibility to purchase smaller deployments starting at just one rack unit (1 RU).

Cologix customers in Dallas, Minneapolis and Toronto can now order any of MOD PaaSPort™ solutions, including internet, private networking, managed services, and Colo by the U, through Cologix Access Marketplace. Access Marketplace allows Cologix customers like MOD to create a profile to promote their business so that Enterprise companies can quickly find and order service provider solutions on demand.  

MOD’s team of network engineers are available to support ‘Any Enterprise’ with managed colocation and managed services – such as installations, network monitoring, troubleshooting and more. Furthermore, as business needs evolve and compute infrastructure becomes more complex, MOD’s bare metal server solution offers enterprises the ability to dynamically program physical infrastructure on-demand, offering highly secure, fully connected, open-architecture hardware solutions that deliver high performance, increased security, and the utmost flexibility. 

Inspired by the cloud-era, MOD PaaSPort™ offers enterprises the ability to select the services they need, on-demand, to design any part of or complete capabilities to enable core, edge, hybrid, and dedicated cloud connectivity dynamically and cost-effectively throughout the world. 

“Simply put, our solution meets the needs of ‘Any Enterprise.’ We often see customers very effective at large-scale deployments, however, when it comes to the edge or international markets where smaller and more nimble infrastructure is required, it can quickly become overwhelming,” says Mike Hollander, CEO of MOD Mission Critical. “Cologix’s facilities and their customers are an ideal fit for our MOD PaaSPort™ solution. As we designed our core capabilities – Bare Metal, Global Networking, Managed Colocation and Managed Services – we thought of both the large and smaller enterprise businesses that need to expand their infrastructure in the most flexible way possible. By leveraging Cologix’s great facilities, we are able to support a variety of needs from one rack unit (RU) or more, with minimum bandwidth requirements starting at 1 Gbps speeds.”

“With varying needs from customer to customer, MOD PaaSPort™ solution provides an easy-to-use platform that offers our customers the ability to dynamically purchase exactly what they need, when they need it,” adds Neal Elinski, General Manager, Cloud and Connectivity Platforms for Cologix. “We are excited to include MOD PaaSPort™ solution in our Access Marketplace, empowering our customers to access the services and support they need from trusted industry experts.” 

Leveraging over 25 years of global network and data center experience, MOD PaaSPort™ solution combines the company’s global partnerships within an easy-to-use platform to enable the design, ordering, provisioning and management of solutions. The platform’s easy-to-use interface, enables enterprises to shop and buy nearly any type of digital infrastructure solution with ease and guaranteed SLAs to deliver the performance and reliability companies require.  

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About Cologix

Cologix provides carrier and cloud-neutral hyperscale edge data centers and services across North America. Cologix is the interconnection hub for cloud service providers, carriers and a rich ecosystem of partners who want to deploy applications at the very edge across Canada and the U.S.  With a growing portfolio of next-generation facilities that meet the unique requirements for hyperscale growth with deep connectivity, Cologix offers massive scale and tailor-made data center solutions to accelerate customers’ digital transformation.  For on-demand connectivity for scale and control, Cologix Access Marketplace provides fast, reliable, self-service provisioning. For a tour of one of our data centers in Ashburn, Columbus, Dallas, Jacksonville, Lakeland, Minneapolis, Montreal, New Jersey, Silicon Valley, Toronto or Vancouver visit or email Follow Cologix on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About MOD Mission Critical

MOD Mission Critical (MOD) is an international platform as a service company delivering a full suite of flexible, as-you-need-it solutions offered through the  MOD PaaSPort™ suite of services:  Bare Metal Servers, Global Network; Managed Colocation and Managed Services. Designed for transparency, flexibility and ease of service with industry-leading SLA’s, MOD PaaSPort™ is a platform that aggregates global capabilities into a single user interface for design, quote, order and management. Enterprises and small to medium-sized businesses with growing and varied requirements can order a single rack-unit to complete global digital infrastructure deployments from 100’s locations across six continents.  

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