The Competitive Advantage of MOD PaaSPort™

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In the world today, cloud computing is essential. With the ongoing public health crisis causing organizations to maintain a remote workforce, quick access to files and folders in the cloud has become necessary for productivity. As such, the need for a holistic and scalable approach to IT infrastructure management is crucial to the continued success of organizations throughout the world. There is a need for a digital transformation that empowers businesses to continue that success into the future, whatever it looks like. 

For this reason, MOD Mission Critical introduced the MOD PaaSPort™ suite of services in July 2021 as a flexible, pay-as-you-grow multi-facility, multi-cloud (hybrid), and multi-network solution with deployments nearly anywhere in the world. With a dynamic, easy-to-use web interface, MOD PaaSPort™™ empowers IT buyers to search, order, provision, and monitor a portfolio of solutions across multiple service providers worldwide.

Today, flexibility is key to the success of a business, as the concerns of each day are increasingly uncertain. Knowing that the systems with which you are connecting as a (potentially) multi-national company will provide reach, flexibility, and services because of the network built by MOD is one thing you can take off your list of worries. Combined with data center ecosystem interconnection capabilities, collective customers are guaranteed to experience improved performance with the most efficiency available through a single cross-connect to MOD’s PaaSPort™ ecosystem.

This is also a significant advantage for data center operators who specialize in facility management and connectivity. They benefit from MOD PaaSPort™, MOD’s full suite of digital infrastructure solutions from an increase in consistent clientele and from being a part of MOD’s network of partnerships, which spans over 1660 network and cloud providers, in more than 100 facilities, across over 80 data center facilities on six continents and still growing today. 

The goal of MOD’s PaaSPort™ suite is to look at the digital infrastructure management of an organization from a holistic point of view, and as such, offers multiple versions for each level of business: 

  • PaaS Bare Metal: Highly secure, fully connected, open-architecture hardware and colocation for enhanced control of cloud-based solutions, a dynamic programmable physical infrastructure on-demand. 
  • PaaS Network: An on-demand global network interconnection capable of leveraging multiple network options for end-to-end deployments. 
  • PaaS Managed Colocation: Available across six continents leveraging over 80 global data center facilities with a scalable managed colocation is available. 
  • PaaS Managed Services: A professional privately managed infrastructure solution that is comprehensive, customizable, centralized, optimized, and SLA-guaranteed.

With MOD’s PaaSPort™ solution, global partnerships are leveraged through a powerful platform providing customers access to an ecosystem of solutions to meet nearly any IT digital infrastructure requirement. With transparency, control, performance, and the dynamic ability to add, move or change your services – MOD PaaSPort™ empowers businesses to get the services they need, when and where they need them, with the flexibility to add capabilities as required. With these services, organizations can truly prepare to meet the demands of digital transformation and thrive in an IT-driven business environment.

To learn more about MOD and the MOD PaaSPort™ suite of services, visit our website or contact us.

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