Global IPv4 Services

MOD Mission Critical has established itself as a global expert in IPv4 and IPv6 procurement. Leveraging established relationships with ARIN, RIPE, APNIC, LATNIC and AFRANIC, MOD has the ability to source IP space in any geographic region across the globe. This is a very technical and complex transaction. MOD ensures their clients get exactly what they need in every situation. Any time a company makes a purchase of IP space there are several options to consider.

Buy or Lease

First, the client will immediately need to understand if they want to lease the IPs monthly or purchase the IPs outright. Either way, MOD will need to know if the client requires clean space or if previously Spamhaus listed space is satisfactory.

Justify with ARIN

Next, the client will need to determine if they can justify the space with ARIN. If they have accomplished this already, then the process is easier. If they have not already justified the IP space with ARIN and plan on doing so, it is a good idea to begin that process as soon as possible. The waiting list with ARIN is over 150 requests long.

Acquisition Options

If the client has not justified the space yet or will not be able to provide justification, MOD can source options for companies who are selling their entire company assets (ASN, URL, IPv4, IPv6) in an acquisition model. This last option allows the client to provide ARIN with the change of ownership documents. Once the transaction is complete, the client can begin the process of moving the IPs over to their ORG ID. This is the fastest way to obtain IP space.

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Global IPv4 Services MOD Mission Critical has established itself as a global expert in IPv4 and IPv6 procurement. Leveraging established…

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