Timothy Kersnick


Tim has over 28 years of experience working professionally with technology. Early in his career he worked for Bayer Corporation where he won the President’s Achievement award 2 years in a row for artificial intelligence programming work. He received and holds 2 U.S. patents for his work that are currently licensed to the automotive industry. In the mid-90’s, Tim joined UUNet Technologies, now known as Verizon Business. In 1999, Tim joined Exodus Communications, which later would become Cable and Wireless, Savvis, Qwest, and now Century Link.

On May 4th, 2000, he was the first to publish a fix to the Love Bug computer virus and assisted the FBI with tracking down the creator of the virus. In 2001, Tim co-founded NeoVera, a company specializing in managed hosting, networking, and network security. In 2004 Tim founded Trans World Internet eXchange, which later sold to Sirius Telecommunications in 2010. In 2012, Tim joined up with MOD Mission Critical in the first few months of the company’s founding. Versed in many things technically, Tim draws upon his years of industry experience to develop MMC’s unique product set offering.


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