The Platform Revolution: It’s about connectivity

By on June 17th, 2021 in Blog, Platform-as-a-Service

Whether you call it a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) or an Application Platform-as-a-Service, the same concepts apply.  These services provide users access to a web-based system to obtain pricing, submit orders, track the status of installations, monitor services, request adds, moves, changes, and more.  Categorized as cloud computing services, these platforms provide a transparent and accessible view to users to submit and process the information or services they need/want, often leveraging automation to simplify the experience.

When it comes to digital infrastructure, there are many types of platforms available.  Often these platforms provide access to a single service provider’s product suite or access to other service providers within their facility or partner network. These platforms are for specific use within a company’s ecosystem and often limit how you can reach services beyond their platform or partner reach.

For a platform to be effective, it also needs to be iterative – meaning – it must add an array of providers and services to keep up with both demand, technology innovations, increased capabilities and more. Furthermore, the most effective platforms are open and neutral – meaning – any service that can be connected to and ordered/provisioned through the platform is welcome.   

Here at MOD Mission Critical, we have a global neutral ecosystem, fully accessible through our automated and transparent platform to all of our customers. Our team has built a platform to order an array of digital communication solutions.  Various networking solutions include IP transit and transport services, which are all about connectivity. Datacenter solutions include bare metal, colocation procurement, managed colocation, dedicated hosting, virtual hosting, and more. Without connectivity, getting to/from the internet, cloud services and any digital device (including Alexa, IoT appliances and more), or data center, is key to enablement. This is why our global platform and ecosystem are inclusive of any providers who want to offer their solutions through our ecosystem.

When it comes to your digital infrastructure, platforms are an empowering tool to provide you access to an ecosystem of resources and services – working with an open and neutral platform is equally important. This gives you complete control over where and which companies you choose to work with. And remember, if you do not see what you want or need, MOD will source and get that for you too.  Contact us to learn more

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