Trends and Transformations: What the Future of the Digital Economy Holds for Data Centers

By on January 9th, 2019 in Cloud Services, Colocation

As the digital universe transforms, the number of devices and applications to support is growing exponentially. The Digital Economy currently boasts impressive revenue projections of 174 billion by 2023. However, with this growth comes a host of connectivity needs, data storage demands and computing requirements. As digital transformation reshapes how we approach and manage our data, the data center, and how we choose to adapt it to the industry’s new demands, will be key to success. The macro-level forecast for 2019’s digital trends focuses on a few key ideas for the data center, with the two most promising solutions lying in the cloud and the distributed edge. On the smaller-scale, these changes are sure to make some waves in key markets.

Adoption of the Hybrid Cloud

One notable trend forming for the year ahead is the continued evolution of cloud adoption, with the most common iteration taking the form of a hybrid cloud. It’s no secret that moving systems and workloads to the cloud provides a secure and automated environment, bolstering efficiency and productivity. While the mass migration to the cloud is nothing new, companies have been realizing that utilizing solely a public or private cloud may not always be the most efficient both from a cost and security perspective. This has led to businesses adopting a mix of cloud services and providers, employing networking, security or storage options from connected cloud providers like Amazon or Alibaba, both of which are creating more private cloud options as well. With this method, businesses can develop a more seamless cloud strategy specifically to suit their individual needs, optimizing functionality and maximizing agility while prioritizing choice and growth potential.

The Emergence of Distributed Infrastructure

At the edge, another digital transformation is taking place to provide solutions for managing and enabling a growing number of connected devices, the data that flows through them and the necessity of time-critical processing. Now more than ever, the end user is paramount and the focus is on processing data faster and in more locations. Distributed infrastructure is emerging as the latest and greatest solution for facilitating this type of digital transformation. Moving data facilities to the edge, and therefore closer to the end user, enables a host of benefits including real-time processing of data and analytics with far lower latency, meaning a better experience for consumers. The distributed edge effectively allows for a more capable and efficient data network, meaning the industry can fully accommodate sky-high demands and foster innovative digital progress.

MOD Mission Critical’s Role in Digital Economy

These changes to the structure of data center operations and distribution in the face of digital transformation mean that smaller markets, and the businesses and end-users they contain, will be seeing a lot of movement in the future. MOD Mission Critical is no stranger to growing business and end-user needs, especially when it comes to the future of the cloud and the edge. In fact, the international Managed Service Provider (MSP) is already poised to facilitate a multitude of changes that may come to businesses as their digital needs change.

MOD’s Colo by the ‘U’ services ensure that businesses can achieve flexible, scalable and cost-effective solutions for growing cloud and colocation demands. These services are shared with data centers in underserved markets throughout the U.S. and Canada, including new locations in Seattle and Austin. Ensuring Points of Presence (PoPs) in a growing number of locations and extending service to the places businesses need to enable continued growth and capability at the edge. Whether it’s a move to the cloud or a new presence in a strategic location on the distributed edge, MOD offers trusted expertise to empower businesses in the evolving digital economy.

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